Universal Tarot of Dali



In the world of tarot, many decks that are created to read the future to thousands of people. Among them, we can find one of the most wonderful. The Tarot created by the great Salvador Dalí.
Created in Spain in 1884, Dali tarot mix a number of elements that make it unique compared to other cards. The author introduces her all his art, knowledge, making enigmatic letters, with great artistic load, plus erotic and magical touches.
This Tarot has 78 cards, where we can see 22 major arcana and 56 minor. On each card the typical representations of tarot is, without changing its meaning, but adding his own painting symbols and their own culture. In many of the cards shows Dalí, any similarity is seen with his previous works, creating a very personal and unique tarot.
Salvador Dalí created this Tarot as a gift to his wife, Gala. She was a believer in magic and divination. For her, reading the future was not a game but a way to keep your life and be guided by the designs of tarot. Even Dalí was swayed by what the cards told him every morning and sought his future before start the day.
Dalí produced this deck of cards with special affection, adding symbols of his own works, such as its melting clock, or the card the Magician, is self-portrait.
Among the curiosities found in the Dalí Tarot, besides his watch and himself a glass of wine and a loaf, like those you see in The Last Supper, which is before Jesus’ table box.
In the card The Sun, Salvador Dalí exposes all her sexual potential, in addition to placing a lion as a symbol of power. But besides drawing a red line the penis, including his own fears, as castration or impotence.
This tarot is a work of art with which we can meet our future, but not without its mystery and symbolism.