From my wall – #2

This photo (from my wall) is one of my fondest FISM memories. Back in 1997 I was honoured by being asked to appear as a guest artist on the Close Up Gala Show.

From my wall – #1

I have two walls in my downstairs office covered in odd bits of memorobilia. Visitors will often spend quite a bit of time just checking out of all odd photos and posters but I realised that most of you will never see these strange frozen moments of magic history so I thought it might be fun to share a few with you here. The photo above is an original, signed David Copperfield poster dating back to the early 80's.  I really have no recollection how I ended up with it, but it is definitely made out to me

Holding B**bs Optical Illusion

Illusions are always best to enjoy, Lots of statue made on the streets of specials people to keep in memory. who would have thought people make enjoy with statue also. Yes they are, in this cut throat modern world almost everything is possible. Look at this picture, i could not able to collect name of the guy in the statue but yes it is always good to have some fun and enjoy a bit. Is he really holding the b**bs or it is just a camera angle which creates a sweet and cute illusion.

Building Vision Optical Illusion

Which building is in front? This Buildings were located somewhere in Egypt. i actually thought the Left is in front but it is not easy to confirm what is true, if you see the lower part of the building you will see the left building is in front but when you see the upper part of the building you will suddenly notice that the building located on the right side is actually on the front side.

The strongest reaction I’ve ever had to any trick – ever!

Last week I was invited to perform at the launch of the 'Embracing the Difference Foundation' – an organisation founded to support people on the Autism Spectrum including those with Aspergers. The founders, Dr Julie and John Peterson, had heard about my Aspycadabra show and asked me to fly up to Sydney and speak about my life with Asperger's and do a selection from the show. I thought long and hard about which piece I'd like to do as I really wanted it to make an impact on many different levels but I had no idea just how strong that impact would end up being! I decided on a routine where I have a volunteer assist me in a card trick, but I don't say a word and they have to really think hard to try to follow my actions and do what I need them to do to help bring the trick to a successful outcome

Star Clusters Optical Illusion

The checkerboard is vertical or horizontal but appears to tilt. Parts of the figure appear to move. No matter in what position you warming you Chair, The figure in this picture will appear to move as long as you staring it.

Optical Illusions and Magic tricks revealed