From my wall – #5

Continuing on with odd photos on my office wall… this is probably one of the oddest!  It was taken back on, possibly, my first lecture tour of the States (2002?). After doing a lecture to a great crowd in Florida one guy heard we were going in to Busch Gardens and said he worked there.

I haven't had the need to compose one of these complaining posts for some time, but this situation is beyond ridiculous. Back in October last year sent me an email letting me know that my domain was set to expire.

Neon Color Spreading Effect Illusion

Do you see a pattern of large and small squares ? The apparent neon squares seem to pulsate slightly when we concentrate on the image… This illusion combines ‘neon color spreading’ with ‘illusory contour’ effect: not only do you perceive squares where NONE exist, but the squares have also phantom colors !

From my wall – #4

Many of you know that I'm a big WWE fan. A long time ago (as you can tell by the poster behind me as it has the WWF logo) I was lecturing through the USA and one of the stops was New York – so I took full advantage and made a trip to Times Square especially to visit the newly opened WWF restaurant/nightclub. This was even before Criss Angel took up residence in the venue with a show which, by all reports, was actually better than his current Luxor show

From my wall – #3

The year was 1990 and, as a post 'Magic Week' celebration, Andrew Gill and myself took a trip to Fiji. Of course we didn't pay, a client of mine hired us to entertain at his resort so the "holiday" was on the house. When we arrived it was more than just a show at the resort

Optical Illusions and Magic tricks revealed