Going trouhg a card


This simple topological experiment can also turn into a challenge. The idea is to start with a standard 3X5 index card, and cut a hole in it that is large enough for you to fit your body through. That may sound impossible, but as we saw with the Mobius Strip, by playing with shapes and spaces, we can do all sorts of things.

You will need:

  1. a standard 3 inch by 5 inch index card. You can also use a 3 X 5 piece of heavy paper.
  2. scissors
  3. a ruler

We start by folding the index card in half, from side to side. It is still 3 inches high, but is only 2.5 inches wide. Next, we will make a series of cuts in the paper. Read these instructions carefully. If you do not, instead of getting one big hole, you will get one big mess.

There are now two sides to the card. One side is the folded side. The other side is the side with the two edges of the paper. Measure down 1/8 of an inch from the top. Start on the folded side and make a cut across the card, stopping 1/4 inch from the edge side. Measure down another 1/4 inch on the fold side and make another cut, again stopping 1/4 inch from the edge. Continue making a cut every 1/4 inch, until you reach the bottom of the card.

At this point, you should have a folded card that has a cut every 1/4 inch, with a thinner 1/8 inch flap at the top and bottom. That gives you ten 1/4 inch flaps, and two 1/8 inch flaps. Starting from the edge side, you will cut down the center of each 1/4 inch flap, stopping 1/4 inch from the fold side. You will wind up with a zigzag shape.

Read this part VERY carefully before you make any more cuts. Looking at the fold side, skip the first flap, and then cut the fold of each strip, also skipping the bottom flap. Read that sentence again. DO NOT CUT THE TOP OR BOTTOM FLAP. You skip the top strip of paper. Then you begin cutting the center fold, but stop when you get to the bottom strip.

Carefully open up the paper and you will find that it is now one huge hole, which you can put your body through. Be careful, as the paper will rip if you pull too hard. Carefully open the entire hole and go through it.


You can see it in this video.

Balducci Levitation´s


Originally, the trick was knew as Baldicci levitation´s ; If you take some practice in it , you will surprised how easy is to do it.

The secret is the angle which we show us in front of the audience , that is all!

This video show the effect.

The trick: It´s simple. Put togheter the legs and get up one of them. Attention at the angule ( see the video) , if it is correct , people don´t see the magic trick. David Blaine make this effect very popular at his show.

Magical clouds



Flying Saucer, captured on a phone camera over Broadsands, Devon. UK on 2007-11-16.


Another interestings clouds :


Interesting point of view in this photo , the building looks likeit was made of transparent material.

Nice conjuction of the reflect with the own cloud .



This cloud-Angel looks to down over Bangkok

The sun and clouds togheter in this illusion

Mirror illusion


This man show us a method used by the magicians to distort the reality.

In this case , is casual , and so the trick is obvius, but if you doit well the magic is coming.

Optical Illusions and Magic tricks revealed