Make a colorful optical illusion

Take 20 seconds and focus on the image of fixing the black dot…

Magical colors arise from the image that is yet desaturated, in other words just composed of black and white variations! Here’s how:

1➜ open a photo with Photoshop or Gimp, duplicate it.

2➜ Désaturez the first (Image / / settings / / Desaturate)

3➜ choose a gray foreground color (genus #818181)

4➜ choose the duplicate image (that is not yet amended) then edit / / fill…
Keep an opacity of 100% in luminosity, and apply the foreground color from the menu drop-down (grey chooses to step 3 ;)) Post

5➜ go to Image / / settings / / negative.

6➜ create a new layer and draw a small black circle at the centre

7➜ save each of your 2 images leaving of course the black point layer in the foreground. You have therefore 2 images: one in black and white, and the other with bright colors. For one, you can choose to further strengthen the colors by adjusting the saturation (Image / / settings / / Saturation)