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Python language

The Python developers life


Currently social networks, especially the Internet and mobile devices are filling and bringing companies to potential customers and users that can make up our popularity and get better benefits than they previously had. But creating an application, either for the operating system that the mobile is not as simple as you may think, also optimize it to work correctly with all Smartphones and websites, it is work for professionals, and this is where developers come Python. The Python developers life is a company that knows very well creating commercial applications.

They are able to create any type of application provided that the consumer wants. Whether for a company dedicated to the online game, as a company that is dedicated to bringing together people to purchase various products. Everything is possible for them and they are not only capable of mobile applications, but can also create websites to help you maximize profits in your business. Just to have an idea of what you want, and they will advise you and will get you on the right path to get what you want.
If you think that having only a Facebook account where promoting yourself, or a website, you’re wrong, there are many people who prefer to have an application in the mobile to report all the news that you made, and can even buy or send comments. It is a new form of contact with their customers and users. There are many companies that have improved significantly with the acquisition of APP for their business.
If you want to contact the developers of Python, you’ll need only enter their website and send them a message with everything you want to know. Inquire about rates and prices is completely free and inform you of any costs that can go your projects. Remember that today’s technology comes first, and keep your company on social networks, internet and mobile devices is very important when it comes to evolve.

Universal Tarot of Dali



In the world of tarot, many decks that are created to read the future to thousands of people. Among them, we can find one of the most wonderful. The Tarot created by the great Salvador Dalí.
Created in Spain in 1884, Dali tarot mix a number of elements that make it unique compared to other cards. The author introduces her all his art, knowledge, making enigmatic letters, with great artistic load, plus erotic and magical touches.
This Tarot has 78 cards, where we can see 22 major arcana and 56 minor. On each card the typical representations of tarot is, without changing its meaning, but adding his own painting symbols and their own culture. In many of the cards shows Dalí, any similarity is seen with his previous works, creating a very personal and unique tarot.
Salvador Dalí created this Tarot as a gift to his wife, Gala. She was a believer in magic and divination. For her, reading the future was not a game but a way to keep your life and be guided by the designs of tarot. Even Dalí was swayed by what the cards told him every morning and sought his future before start the day.
Dalí produced this deck of cards with special affection, adding symbols of his own works, such as its melting clock, or the card the Magician, is self-portrait.
Among the curiosities found in the Dalí Tarot, besides his watch and himself a glass of wine and a loaf, like those you see in The Last Supper, which is before Jesus’ table box.
In the card The Sun, Salvador Dalí exposes all her sexual potential, in addition to placing a lion as a symbol of power. But besides drawing a red line the penis, including his own fears, as castration or impotence.
This tarot is a work of art with which we can meet our future, but not without its mystery and symbolism.

Can a goalkeeper make use of optical illusions to stop penalty kicks?


Everything is a matter of perception. Think of the striker scoring a goal; While scoring more easier it seems you write down and literally begins to perceive that the goal is bigger than it really is. Our actions change our own perceptions, but can change those of others?

According to a small study published in 2008, goalkeepers can influence the direction and effectiveness of a penalty kick by adopting a stance that mimics one of the most classic optical illusions.


The Müller-Lyer illusion consists of two parallel lines that end in arrowheads pointing in opposite directions. Although the two lines are exactly the same, people normally perceive a as larger than the other, which is normally explained in terms of depth and perspective: assume that one is more far than the other.

Usually the studies are focused on abstract figures used in laboratory experiments, but the psychologists John van der Kamp and Rich Masters have decided to examine this effect in action, seeing if a goalkeeper is able to affect the prospect of their opponents.

In football, the goal is a framework of 7.3 by 2.43 m and the penalty kicks are thrown from a distance of 11m at an average speed of 110 km/hr. The goalkeeper has so little time to react; the odds are against her. However, a goalkeeper can anticipate the direction of a shot if you know how to read your opponent’s movements and, according to van der Kamp and Masters, standing slightly out of the Centre of the goal.

For their study, psychologists showed photographs of porters in four different positions to 15 students. The result was that invariably, when goalkeepers they raised arms were perceived as higher when they kept them down.

In addition, researchers conducted another study to determine how this effect affected the certainty when it comes to shots. As it is known that the aim is greater pulling with your hands than feet, scientists used simulations of shots of handball. You were asked then to 24 students to launch shots to a screen where you were projected images of the goalkeepers in the previous experiment. High speed cameras were used to measure shots and determine at what distance from the middle of the goal line were targeted. The study showed that while larger was perceived the Porter, further away from it is shooting the ball.

Thus, the study suggests that, indeed, the goalkeeper is able to affect the perception of the shooter and, if it manages to seem smaller, shots will be closer to that if it is perceived as largest.

Make a colorful optical illusion

Take 20 seconds and focus on the image of fixing the black dot…

Magical colors arise from the image that is yet desaturated, in other words just composed of black and white variations! Here’s how:

1➜ open a photo with Photoshop or Gimp, duplicate it.

2➜ Désaturez the first (Image / / settings / / Desaturate)

3➜ choose a gray foreground color (genus #818181)

4➜ choose the duplicate image (that is not yet amended) then edit / / fill…
Keep an opacity of 100% in luminosity, and apply the foreground color from the menu drop-down (grey chooses to step 3 ;)) Post

5➜ go to Image / / settings / / negative.

6➜ create a new layer and draw a small black circle at the centre

7➜ save each of your 2 images leaving of course the black point layer in the foreground. You have therefore 2 images: one in black and white, and the other with bright colors. For one, you can choose to further strengthen the colors by adjusting the saturation (Image / / settings / / Saturation)

Strainer Face Optical Illusion

Creating an Optical Illusion is always fun, sometimes illusions created by nature itself and sometime good artwork creates fun illusion. Look this one, Can you see the face in shadow created by this strainer

Hidden Bird Optical Illusion

Wilfdlife Photographer Art Wolfe takes many photographs of wildlife animals , but sometimes they are hard to find because of camouflage . We challenge you to find the animals in the following perfectly camouflaged animal photos, and to make it a bit harder.. within 5 seconds..

Catching Moon Optical Illusion

Well, this look very interesting, A biker is trying to catch the moon , A immense stunt performed by the biker to very close shoot by the photographer to make a perfect illusion. Usually creating illusion is fun but not easy but this look very good but i m sure that this is now 1 shot picture maybe yes but suddenly it looks spectacular.